Alexandria, The Town Created By Alexander The Nice In 333bce And With A History Terribly Totally Different From Any Of The Opposite Cities In Egypt.

Once This Known Macedonian (The Greek State, Not The Previous Yugoslav Country) Was On The Way To Go To The Oracle Temple Of Amun At The Siwa Oasis He Stopped Long At The Village Of “Re-Qdt” (Its Greek Name Is “Racotis”) Between The Mediterranean Sea And Therefore The Lake Of Mariott (Its Location These Days Is That The Space Of Tel Bab Sadrah Or Karmouz).

Alexander Set That This Was To Be The Spot Wherever A Good Town Would Be Designed And Charged One In All His Architects, Dinocratis, To Make It.

He Continuing On To Siwa, To Consult The Oracle Regarding His Destiny Then Left Egypt To Fight The Persians In Asia.

Sadly It’s Not Illustrious What The Oracle Told Alexander, However It’s Typically Believed That He Was Told He Was To Be A Good Leader.

When His Triumphal Campaigns, Alexander The Nice Died In Metropolis In 323 Before Christ While Not Ever Seeing The Town That Bears His Name: Actually It Had Been Not Till The Reigns Of Male Monarch, (Soter – The Saviour), And His Successor Male Monarch (Philadelphus) That The Building Of The Town Was Completed And It Became The Most Capital.

Dinocratis Planned The Town In Squares, Sort Of A Checkerboard With 2 Main Streets Fretted Vertically And Horizontally Extending From East To West Likewise As From North To South.

Alexandria Had Five Districts, All Named When A Letter Of The Primary 5 Letters Within The Greek Alphabet: A (Alpha); B (Beta); G (Gamma); D (Delta) And E (Epsilon).

These Five Letters Represent The Initial Letters Of The Text: “Alexander The King, The Descendent Of The Gods, Erected The City”.

Alpha Was The Royal District Wherever The Royal Palaces, The Most Temple, The Museum, The Libraries, And Therefore The Gardens Were Designed,Beta Was The District Of The Greek Aristocracy.

Gamma Was Dedicated To The Settlement Of The Greek Commoners.

Delta Was The District Of The Foreign Minorities Like The Syrians, The Persians, And Therefore The Jews.

Epsilon Was The District For The Native Egyptians.

Drinking Water Was Equipped By A Canal Ranging From The Western Canopic Branch Of The River, At Some Extent Known As “Shedia” Regarding Twenty Seven Metric Linear Unit To The South Of Alexandria.

The Water Was Keep In Cisterns; A Number Of That Stay Into Nowadays.

At The Start Of The Roman Amount, Regarding Thirty Before Christ, A Brand New Town Was Designed Here By The Romans, Bearing The Name Of “Nicopolis” Which Suggests The Town Of Conclusion, So As To Commemorate The Conclusion Of Emperor Of Rome Over Antony In Aktium In Thirty One Before Christ.

Most Of It Had Been Destroyed Or Nonexistent For Many Reasons, Together With Disturbances, Civil Wars, Revolts, Natural Disasters, Dirt Water And Unplanned Urbanization Etc.

Among The Fabulous Monuments Mentioned By Ancient Greek Books Area Unit The Enclosure Walls And Therefore The Gates Of The Town, The Pharos, The Nice Library, The Royal Site Together With The Topographic Point Of Alexander And Therefore The Museums.

These Days The Remaining Monuments Of Ancient Alexandria Area Unit Totally Different Cemeteries Scattered In Many Different Locations, A Number Of That Start To The Ptolemaic Period: El-Shatby, Moustafa Kamel, El-Anfoushy, And El-Wardain.

Others Start To The Roman Period: The Tombs Of Kom El-Shouqafa (The Catacombs), The Topographic Point Of Tigran, Pompeii’s Pillar, Topographic Point Of Silvago And Therefore The Memorial Park Of El-Qabbary That Was Solely Recently Discovered.

There Area Unit Alternative Vital Monuments Within The Town That Start To Numerous Periods, Like The Serapium, The Roman Theatre, The Temple Of El-Ras El-Souda, Fastness Of Quaitbay, The Jewelry Repository, Place Of Worship Of El-Naby Daniel, Place Of Worship Of El-Moursi Abou El-Abbas And Therefore The Memorial Of The Soldier.

Location Of Alexandriaalexandria Is Located On The Mediterranean Coast Of Egypt, 179km (111 Miles) North Of Cairo.

It’s Egypt’s Second Largest Town, Behind Cairo, However Is Unfortunately Unnoted By Tourists.

It’s Accessible By Several Ways:By Flight:Alexandria International Airfield Or El Nouzha Airfield Is Found 7km (4 Miles) Southeast Of The Town Centre.

It Offers Services To Domestic Destinations Among Egypt And Cities Across The Arab World.

Egyptair Is That The Largest Airline At The Airfield, Operative Over Fifty Weekly Domestic And Regional Flights.

The Future Of El Nouzha Was Unsure With The Gap Of Borg El Arab Airfield, But In Early 2010 The Egyptian Ministry Of Civil Aviation Declared Major Plans To Overhaul The Airfield And Its Facilities To Confirm Its Future Together Of The 2 Industrial Airports For Alexandria And River Delta Region.

The Airfield Are Closed To Industrial Operations By Late 2011 For Major Renovation And Every One Traffic Transferred To Borg El Arab Airfield, Alexandria’s Second Airfield.

The Renovation Project Is Predicted To Value Us$120 Million Which Can Embody Continuance The Most Runway (04/22) By An Extra 750m And Therefore The Construction Of A Brand New Rider Terminal To Exchange The Present Ageing Facility.

The Airfield Are Closed Down For 2 Years To Implement The Growth Project And Development.

By Train:Alexandria Is That The Northern Terminus For The Road That Runs Through Cairo To City And Therefore The Service To Cairo Is Extraordinarily Sensible.

Services Also Are On The Market To Marsa Matruh, Via El-Alamein, And Port Aforementioned.

By Road Alexandria Features A Immense Road Network Connecting It With Cities To The East, The West, And South Towards Cairo, Together With The Myriad Of Cities Within The Delta Region.

Cairo Is Reached By Two Main Highways: The Desert Road And Therefore The Agricultural Road.

Each Area Unit Terribly Busy With The Previous Being 6-8 Lanes Wide.

By Cruisealexandria Features A Major Harbor That Could Be A Fashionable Finish For Ocean Going Cruises And Plenty Of Guests Expertise Egypt By Inward Here.