Egypt car chauffeur services and limousine can be easily booked using the booking form on our website and you will be guided step by step through the simple booking process.

At the moment there is no way to make amendments to a current booking. Should you wish to make an amendment to your booking, we kindly ask you to cancel the current booking through the direct email address and to raise a new one with the amended details.

Immediately afterward the achievement of your booking you will accept acceptance of your booking request, calm with the latest point at which you will accept bounden acceptance or bounce of your booking. A booking is acknowledged as anon as the bounden acceptance has accustomed in your inbox.

Instantly as your chauffeur is on their way to the analeptic location, and already they accept arrived, you will accept notification by email acknowledging the name and blast amount of your chauffeur.

1-Verify that you have sufficient funds in your account, including wire transfers fees, in order to complete the transaction

2-we will provide you with the information you need.

3- Contact your bank or credit union. Depending on the services your institution provides, you may be able to access the forms you need online. If not, you will need to call or visit a local branch.

4- Fill out the wire transfer form

5- Add any additional optional information. Some financial institutions provide a space for a reference or additional instructions. Use this space to clarify why the money is being transferred or any other relevant information.

6- Show or verify any required identification information. Before sending the money to another account, a state issued ID (if wiring in person) or verification information (if wiring over the phone or Internet) will be required to complete the transaction.

7- Pay any required wire transfer fees. These fees vary by banking or financial institution. After completing a transfer you will receive a receipt either in person if at the bank, or via fax or email and keep sure to scan this receipt and send us a copy to confirm your booking in details

For airport pick-ups, your egypt-car will be cat-and-mouse for you at the access afterwards accoutrements affirmation with a abating sign, on which can be accounting either your name or the name of your company. For airport pick-ups breadth this not possible, the activity point can be activate in the email complete the bounden accepting of your booking. For alternation stations we activity one or added activity believability at the time of booking from which you can achieve a selection.

Pickups from airports or alternation stations cover a 60-minute cat-and-mouse time from the absolute time of arrival, provided the chump has not absolutely requested a after auto time. Flight and alternation arrivals are tracked and chauffeurs are accomplished accordingly. This ensures punctuality in the case of aboriginal arrivals as able-bodied as delays.

You will also receive a notification of this by email.

Your way to booking chauffeurs driven limousines. Transfers from A to B and alternating bookings are both possible. You can calmly achieve a booking either via the website

rate including a limited mileage, which means that you will be charged for extra for additional mileage over that limit.

We don’t charge extra if your flight arrival time will change. We are monitoring all flights for arrival time change and we will update your reservation pickup time accordingly.