Cairo the capital of Egypt and also the largest town in continent, the name suggests that “the victorious city”.

It’s set on each banks of the watercourse river close to the pinnacle of the river’s delta in northern Egypt and has been settled for quite 6000 years, serving because the capital of various Egyptian civilizations.

Cairo is understood regionally as “Misr”, the Arabic name for Egypt, as a result of its spatial relation in Egyptian life.

Greater Cairo is unfold across 3 of Egypt’s body govern-orates.

The north Japanese half is understood as Kaliobia govern-orate, whereas the geographic region is an element of the govern-orate of Giza, and also the Japanese components and south Japanese components square measure another governorate referred to as Cairo, the 3 components square measure glorious along as bigger Cairo.

Town is marked by the traditions and influences of the east and also the west, the traditional and also the fashionable.

However, town conjointly reflects Egypt’s growing financial condition, and it struggles to address issues caused by huge increment, urban area, and a deteriorating infrastructure the city of cairn covers a region of quite 453 sq klick (more than a hundred seventy five sq m), tho’ it’s troublesome to separate town from a number of its immediate suburbs.

Bracketed by the desert to the east, south, and west and delimited by the fertile river delta to the north, cairo sits astraddle the watercourse, tho’ it spreads farther on the east bank than the west.

Cairo conjointly includes many watercourse islands, that play a vital role within the lifetime of town.

Because the region’s principal industrial, body, and toured center, Cairo contains several cultural establishments, business institutions, governmental offices, universities, and hotels, that along produce a dense pattern of constant activity.

the center of downtown Cairo is tahrir sq.

, set on the east bank.

A hub of toured activity, the huge and open sq.

Contains varied attractions, together with the Egyptian depository, the global organization headquarters, and also the fashionable umar makram house of worship.

Extending from north to south on the east bank of the river is that the corniche, Cairo’s main road.

Set near is that the slim strip of land referred to as garden town, one in every of the city’s newer residential areas.

Within the center of town is that the watercourse island of zamalek (also referred to as jezerah, that means “the island”), that contains the upmarket residential and industrial neighborhood conjointly referred to as zamalek, the Cairo theater (founded in 1869), and also the Cairo tower (1961).

3 bridges link the island with each banks of the watercourse.

The island of al-rodah, set to the south, is joined to the dry land by 2 extra bridges, whereas another bridge to the north carries road and rail traffic across the river.

outside the city’s central space on the east bank, spanning from the northeast to the southeast, square measure the neighborhoods of Muslim Cairo.

These neighborhoods square measure glorious for his or her slim streets, huddled markets (bazaars), and many mosques, several qualitative analysis back to the medieval amount.

South of the Muslim district is recent Cairo, wherever a number of the city’s oldest field monuments is found.

Recent Cairo is that the home of Cairo’s Coptic christian community, and also the web site of the Coptic depository and variety of Coptic churches.

the irrigation of Cairo’s desert edge has allowed for the event of suburbs, like Heliopolis, set to the northeast.

Alternative fashionable suburbs square measure interspersed with recently created migrant neighborhoods that accommodate the city’s growing population.

Industrial areas more crowd town, limiting its growth.

A global landing field serves Cairo, set around twenty four klick (about fifteen m) northeast of the city; the Ramses railroad station and also the terminal square measure set close to downtown Cairo is that the chief industrial and industrial center of Egypt.

Native industries manufacture cotton textiles, food product, construction provides, motorized vehicles, aircraft, and chemical fertilizers.

Iron and steel square measure created at the south half simply outside town.

Cairo is additionally a center for presidency activities and repair industries.

As a result of the city’s heat climate and diverse historical and cultural attractions, business plays a vital role in its economy.

Cairo receives merchandise shipped on the river at the watercourse port, set at the northern finish of town.

From Cairo, product square measure sent by road, railroad, and waterway to the Mediterranean ports of Alexandria and port aforesaid.

Town is connected by train service to alternative major cities.

Traffic jam may be a growing drawback in Cairo, however it’s the sole town within the middle east and continent that encompasses a subway.

A subway system opened within the town in 1987.

for the primary time carrying concerning two million passengers everyday.

Latterly a second line has been opened, this joined the recent line with the western very good within the geographic region (Giza), the third line continues to be below construction which can connect Cairo landing field to town center and end within the busy suburban area of imbaba.

education and culture the most far-famed institution in Cairo is that the al-azhar university, the oldest within the Muslim world.

The establishment has mature up round the al-azhar house of worship, the oldest house of worship in Cairo.

The Fatimid based each the university and house of worship in 970.

Al-azhar university is associate authoritative voice throughout the Muslim world, and its positions on vital problems square measure potent in egypt and also the Arab world.

Alternative establishments of upper education embrace Cairo university (founded in 1908) and personal shams university (1950), that along enrolls quite a hundred,000 students; and also the Yankee university in Cairo, based in 1919, wherever the kids of Egypt’s elite mingle with students and school from abroad.

Egyptian history is displayed and preserved within the city’s varied depository collections.

The Egyptian depository (founded in 1902) contains many thousands of artifacts, together with quite 1700 items from the gathering of Tutankhamen.

The depository of Muslim arts (1881) contains a colossal assortment with reference to early Muslim civilization, and also the Coptic depository (1910) traces the history of the Coptic community in Egypt.

Alternative Cairo depository’s maintain collections with reference to a lot of fashionable themes; these vary from the el-gawhara palace museum, in-built 1811 within the ottoman vogue, to the mahmoud khalil depository, based in 1963, that contains works by Vincent gogh, Gauguin, peter Paul sir peter Paul Rubens, and alternative European and Egyptian painters of honor.